Use of Remote Audits During the Pandemic Part 2

As explained by Alyssa McMahan in our previous newsletter, fully remote audits and blended remote audits are now a reality due to social distancing requirements and attempts to keep auditors and plant staff safe. A full copy of Alyssa McMahan’s previous article can be found here.

FSNS C&A supports all auditing methods but recognized select conditions have made fully remote auditing a challenge. Challenging conditions include lack of cellular network or adequate internet access to stream video, low light conditions, inadequate video clarity, time delays between capturing video and reviewing video, and ensuring veracity of the footage.

When preparing a technology solution for fully remote audits, plants must consider the aforementioned conditions. Some sites are able to use a simple mobile phone or mobile camera. Some sites are able to use existing in-house installed cameras. Audits must be scheduled according to technology limitations, specifically any time delays between capturing video and reviewing video.

Plants must also account for potential failure to capture all necessary requirements in video footage. How will the plant and the certification body address footage gaps? Will it result in a non-conformity? If additional footage is needed, how long will it delay the audit process?

As FSNS C&A and our customers continue to learn from and refine fully remote and blended auditing, we recognize the need for nimble, secure, easy to use, video and footage sharing solutions. Where customers are unable to source or do not have the time to source technology solutions, FSNS C&A has developed a solution.

FSNS C&A has trialed a ready to ship camera solution, available at a cost less than typical travel fees for an audit with technical support included.

The camera can hold up to conditions commonly found in food manufacturing settings and farms, including dairy farms, poultry farms, and feed lots. The camera can be sanitized as needed. Live stream or recorded footage with a GPS tag to ensure veracity is available. The system has a battery life of 8 hours or more depending on lighting conditions, and has built in night vision.

Footage captured can be uploaded typically in minutes to an hour, which facilitates rapid review where live streaming is not an option. The footage is end to end encrypted for security, and can be immediately destroyed after auditing is complete.  Our technology partner can work with your current information technology security expert to explain additional security details.

To learn more about testing your equipment, or exploring FSNS C&A solutions, please reach out to



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