Ractopamine is a beta adrenergic receptor agonist drug added to animal feed to increase muscle mass and stimulate muscle leanness notably in pork, cattle, and turkey. Ractopamine levels in muscle and organs can be accurately measured using LC-MS/MS.

FSNS has been approved by the USDA-AMS Laboratory Approval Program for Export of Meat and Poultry Products for the analysis of the Beta-Agonist Ractopamine in Animal Muscle and Liver Tissues by LC-MS/MS (Trace Residue Level). The internally validated FSNS method references USDA CLG-AGON1.10; Screening, Determination and Confirmation of Beta-Agonists by LC/MS/MS. The method has precise quantification capabilities of ractopamine levels beyond the USDA export action level of 0.1 ppb to support regulatory compliance. Testing is conducted within the chemistry department at the San Antonio laboratory location.

    • USDA-AMS approved methodology and lab quality procedures
    • FSNS is an ISO 17025:2005 Accredited Lab
    • Trace level detection beyond required USDA export action level (0.1 parts per billion)
    • Validated for both muscle and liver tissues
    • Rapid turnaround time options available

For specific technical information, read our technical bulletin here. If you have questions about testing or would like additional information, please contact customerservice@fsns.com or call 888-525-9788.